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Registered: ‎12-19-2013

STR DN840 Network Connection

I cannot get my unit to connect to the nework when I am using encryption.


1.  I CAN connect with encryption turned off.

2.  With encryption turned on (WPA2)

      a.  If I use manual connection with the PIN method, my router tells me that the connection was successful,

but the receiver says that connection failed.

      b.  If I use WPS (the push button method), the receiver says connection failed.

      c.  If I manually enter the passcode, the receiver says connection failed.


I have tried putting the receiver right next to the router, and nothing changes.

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Re: STR DN840 Network Connection

If “Connection Fail” appears, set up the network connection again (page 57).


Also, try the steps below:


• The server may be unstable. Restart it.

• Confirm that the receiver and the server are connected to the wireless LAN router/access point correctly.
• Confirm that the server has been set correctly (page 57). Confirm that the receiver has been registered to the server.
• If the ICF (Internet Connection Firewall) function is active on the computer, this may prevent the 
receiver from connecting to the computer (only when your computer is used as a server). You may need to change the firewall settings to allow the receiver to connect. (For details on changing the firewall settings, refer to the operating instructions supplied with your computer.)
• If you have initialized the receiver or performed a system recovery on your server, perform the network settings again (page 57).

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