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Registered: ‎10-12-2013

SA-CT260H subwoofer cuts in and out.

So I just bought a new sound bar with wireless subwoofer. The sub frequently cuts out if we're even lucky enough to have it work at all. When it works the light is green and when it cuts out it turns red and the link light turns off. How can this be fixed? If not, I'll be returning it.
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Registered: ‎01-08-2014

Re: SA-CT260H subwoofer cuts in and out.

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I'm having the same problem with the CT260H purchased in Canada. I have tried the suggestions here and they don't solve the problem of the subwoofer cutting in and out (although it happens less often when Effect is OFF). This is thes second unit I have tried. Both had the same problem.


I also purchased a Polk Audsystem with a wireless subwoofer and it works fine in exactly the same environment. (The SONY had the problem before I purchased the Polk - so it's not the cause of problem).


I woud love to keep the SONY - but if I can't resolve this problem it will have to go back and I'll keep the Polk system. 


What is SONY doing to rectify this persistent issue?

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Re: SA-CT260H subwoofer cuts in and out.

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Hi Inline6turbo and johne43! I need more information about this issue:


  • Does this happen when watching TV channels? If yes, what's the source of your TV program?
  • Does the same issue happen when using other sources like DVD or game system?
  • Please provide information about your setup.


Also, sound skips or has noise:

  • If a device that generates electromagnetic radiation, such as a Wi-Fi network, or a microwave oven is nearby, move this system away from such sources.
  • Remove any obstacle between the Sound Bar and the subwoofer, or move this system away from the obstacle.
  • Locate the Sound Bar and the subwoofer as near as possible. 
  • Change the Wi-Fi frequency of the Wi-Fi router, computer, etc., to 5 GHz band. 



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Tuning Up
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Registered: ‎09-25-2015

Re: SA-CT260H subwoofer cuts in and out.

Mine worked perfectly for about 6 months then I noticed it would go in and out (with green light link active).

It got progressively worse over several months until now it doesn't make any sound. I used to be able to make it work again by turning off the soundbar and subwoofer but no longer.


I listen to it max volume for hours on end so I suppose the speaker may be blown but it seems more like circuitry, maybe the wireless connection between the soundbar and the subwoofer?


I'd like to get it repaired if possible and if I've missed a factory reset or something, anyone can help me?

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Re: SA-CT260H subwoofer cuts in and out.

Hi wessir,


Please try to reset your sound bar.

Follow the steps below.


1. Press [POWER] to turn ON the Sound Bar.

2. Press [POWER] while pressing [INPUT[ and [VOL -] on the Sound Bar.


"RESET" appears and the system is reset. AMP menu, sound field, etc., return to the default settings.


If the issue is still unresolved, the Sound Bar may require service.





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SA-CT260 Subwoofer (SA-WCT260) Red Blinking Light Cut-Out

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Replacing the Power Board:


Applies to:  Home Theater system, HT-CT260.  This includes the soundbar SA-CT260, and the subwoofer SA-WCT260.  


Issue:  My system ran great for 2 years, then quit one day while cranking up the volume and the green LED began to blink red.  It worked several hours later for a few minutes until cranked up again and then the green light changed to a blinking red light, and never worked again.  The device is successfully paired & verified through the link check in the WS menu.  


Troubleshooting:  Open the subwoofer amp box, remove the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) labeled as Sony 1-882-860-12, and WLK4-Power-MP-12 (large power-related components).  Turn over to find the diode frame, which looks like a tall cantilevered aluminum rectangle with a screw holding a black box in the center of it.  The frame beams will have broken the solder pads loose from the PCB circuitry pathways.  


Procedure:  Replace the power circuit board with Factory Part Number A-1801-953-A.  Note:  the WLK4-POWER-12 that is printed on the circuit board itself only refers to the board, not the board's function, so it is better to look online using the factory part number for the entire power unit.



Soundbar ID

Power Board Front (WLK4-POWER-12, 1-882-860-12)

Power Board Back (WLK4-POWER-12, 1-882-860-12)

Diode Bar Frame

Broken Solder Joints picture



Operation Manual

Service Manual for the Woofer

Service Manual for the Soundbar

[Wait 30 seconds and then you can download the files.]